Can I keep the piano after enjoying 6 months of free usage?

Pianovers Assist aims to help people in the community who do not have the financial means to own a piano. 

You are eligible if

  1. you are currently a recipient of the MOE Financial Assistance Scheme,
  2. do not have a piano in your household, and
  3. can positively demonstrate how you will use the piano thereafter.

As a beneficiary, you will receive free use of the pre-loved piano for 6 months. Then, the piano will be received by the next beneficiary. This will allow more people to benefit from the Pianovers Assist programme. 

However, you might be able to continue having the piano after the initial 6 months if all the following three conditions are satisfied when the piano is due to be moved out of your place.

  1. Your eligibility as a beneficiary is still valid.
  2. There is no other eligible beneficiary.
  3. The piano is not needed anywhere else.

In such a case, the piano can continue to remain in your possession until any one of the following three conditions is true which warrants the immediate removal of the piano from your place.

  1. Your eligibility as a beneficiary is no longer valid.
  2. There is now an eligible beneficiary to receive the piano.
  3. The piano is needed for some use.

The placement of the piano at your place does not imply a transfer of ownership of the piano. The piano remains the property of ThePiano.SG.