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Due to the sudden change to alert Dorscon Orange, and after careful consideration of the current situation, community feedback and considering the safety and health of our Pianovers, we have decided to cancel Pianovers Meetups until further notice.

We seek your understanding and we would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused by this decision and we look forward to organising the next Meetup when the situation improves.

Thanks to all Pianovers who have been supporting Pianovers Meetups and our activities.

Please help to share this news with fellow Pianovers.

We thank you for your support and wish everyone good health! In the meantime, please remain vigilant, stay healthy and safe.

Together we can!

Title Composer Num of times
只记今朝笑 黄沾 1
可愛的一朵玫瑰花 王洛宾 1
可爱的玫瑰花 川口真 1
叹十声 黎平 1
同花顺 小寒 1
含泪的微笑 陈彼德 1
味道 黄国伦 1
哭砂 熊美玲 1
唱首情歌给谁听 李俊雄 1
啼笑因缘 顾嘉辉 1
喜欢你 梁文福 1
喜羊羊 刘明源 1
喝采 (Kassai) 中村泰士 (Nakamura Taiji) 1
回娘家 翁清溪 (Weng Ching-hsi) 1
回想曲 周蓝萍 1
夕阳之歌 Kohji Makaino 1
外婆的澎湖湾 叶佳修 1
多少柔情多少泪 F.Wise 1
多少柔情多少泪 B.Wiseman J.Lloyd 1
夜之向日葵 (Yoru no Himawari) Fuminori Matsumoto (szak) 1
夜半歌声 张国荣 1
大地回春 姚敏 1
大海 陈大力 1
大海 陈秀男 1
天凉好个秋 欣逸 1