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On 28 December 2020, Singapore has transitioned to Phase 3 with bigger social gatherings, live performances and more.

However, we are still unable to hold Pianovers Meetups until the rules and regulations are favourable to us. We are also waiting for our venue partner's approval.

We seek your understanding and we would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused by this arragenment and we look forward to organising the next Meetup when the situation improves.

Thanks to all Pianovers who have been supporting Pianovers Meetups and our activities.

Please help to share this news with fellow Pianovers.

We thank you for your support and wish everyone good health! In the meantime, please remain vigilant, stay healthy and safe.

Together we can!


Closely followed by 10,000 piano lovers on our Facebook Page, we have conducted 148 Pianovers Meetup to date, showcased a total of 3,363 public performances, comprising 1,940 unique pieces played by 517 Pianovers, and clocking a whopping total performance time of 479,622 seconds.

We value your time at the Pianover Meetups. Amid the company of fellow music lovers, friendships were made. Relive the memories with Pianovers Meetup Digests. Be reminded of the event details and browse the photo albums. Read the session accounts and review the list of performances. Bring back to life those magical evening moments, of which you were a precious part.

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Pianovers Meetup #43, Applause for Isao
Meetup #43
Pianovers Meetup #42, Albert performing
Meetup #42
Pianovers Meetup #41, Zhiyuan sharing with us
Meetup #41
Pianovers Meetup #40, Group picture
Meetup #40
Pianovers Meetup #39, Kris, Audrey, Albert, and May Ling
Meetup #39
Pianovers Meetup #38, Vanessa, Siew Tin, and Julia
Meetup #38
Pianovers Meetup #37, Group picture
Meetup #37
Pianovers Meetup #36, Yong Meng sharing with the Pianovers
Meetup #36
Pianovers Meetup #35, Pianovers watching Gee Yong play
Meetup #35
Pianovers Meetup #34, Wenqing, Chris, and Gerald
Meetup #34
Pianovers Meetup #33, with Adam Gyorgy, Adam with Pianovers
Meetup #33
Pianovers Meetup #32, Bing Shao, Isao, and Chris
Meetup #32
Pianovers Meetup #31, Group picture at dining area
Meetup #31
Pianovers Meetup #30, Group picture
Meetup #30
Pianovers Meetup #29, Alex, Ace, and Zafri performing
Meetup #29