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Piano Performances in Pianovers Events
Title Pianovers Events Duration
Hati Memuji (The Heart Praises) Meetup #27 2m 18s
我怎能离开你 Meetup #26 (Valentine's Day Themed) 1m 52s
ひとり酒場で (Hitori Sakaba De) Meetup #26 (Valentine's Day Themed) 2m 44s
Nagasaki No Hito (長崎の女) Meetup #25 (CNY Themed) 2m 44s
白云长在天 Meetup #25 (CNY Themed) 2m 12s
轻烟 Meetup #24 1m 45s
再见, 我的爱人 Meetup #24 2m 07s
甜言蜜語 Meetup #23 2m 03s
雲河 Meetup #23 2m 10s
街灯下 Meetup #21 (Christmas themed) 2m 14s
22m 09s
Ensemble Performances in Pianovers Events
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