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The Healing Powers Of Sound
Researchers have established a link between playing sounds to the positive treatment of and relief from stress and ailments like Parkinson’s Disease and hormonal problems. People who have had problems speaking have also been healed with the help of music. In today’s modern, fast-paced world, where stress takes its daily, unrelenting toll on us, it may be worthwhile to take a step back and explore sound’s healing effects.
Steinway Releases Special Piano to Celebrate Boston’s 25th Anniversary
Steinway & Sons announces the release of a new limited- edition piano to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Steinway-Designed Boston line. These 125 unique “Silver Anniversary” grand pianos feature handsome additions and enhancements that showcase the sterling character of the Boston.
Pianovers Meetup #41 Digest
In Pianovers Meetup, we welcome piano teachers who bring their students. Exposure to platforms outside the classroom is something we value and appreciate. Learning should be holistic and at ThePiano.SG, we appreciate teachers like Jennice who make the effort to bring their students to Pianovers Meetups!
Pianovers Meetup #40 Digest
At Pianovers Meetups, we frequently have children joining us and we are very happy to have them around. We believe that growing up should not be just about classroom-based learning. Children should be exposed to other environments and learn from beyond their textbooks. It also helps that they gain confidence performing in public and make new friends along the way!
Pianovers Hours #1 Digest
17 June 2017 marked a major milestone for ThePiano.SG. On this beautiful Saturday evening, Pianovers came together at Clarke Quay for what would be the inaugural Pianovers Hours. Taking on a very apt slogan “Indulge in an evening of piano music with Pianovers over dinner”, Pianovers Hours brings Pianovers Meetup to a whole new level, while allowing Pianovers to enjoy music and mingle over dinner in a cosy environment.
Pianovers Meetup #39 Digest
Owing to the school holiday period, this Meetup saw a number of children, many of whom were students of three piano teachers. The young ones were brought by their teachers to perform and to gain exposure in public performances. At ThePiano.SG, we wish all students all the very best in the upcoming piano exams! May you shine in your musical journey!
Casio CELVIANO Grand Hybrid Piano versus Concert Grand Successful Premiere at Berlin Philharmonie
For the first time on March 2nd 2017, a classical symphony concert was conducted with an innovative hybrid piano, the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid from CASIO. Right in the middle of the first part of the concert with the New Prussian Orchestra and pianist Haruka Kuroiwa, CASIO's hybrid piano played in direct comparison to a traditional concert grand piano.
Pianovers Meetup #38 Digest
Having played in the last Meetup and watching herself in the video, Gwen was elated by her own performance. That was why she returned this evening! Armed with a light sabre, Asher and his Dad played their rendition of Theme from Star Wars. It was very heartwarming to see both father and son seated at the piano and enjoying their father-son bonding over music!
A Human-Computer Piano Duet
Just as people ask if driverless cars will replace the joy of driving and if sending email kills the warm personal touch of writing a traditional letter, people too, are asking if it is really possible for computers to make music. Music, after all, has been an essential part of human existence for as long as civilisations have existed. Now then, to what extent can humans accept music that is artificially-created as part of their lives?
Pianovers Meetup #37 Digest
It was another Sunday evening and once again, it was time for piano lovers to gather at the URA Centre. Known as Pianovers, this group of piano enthusiasts comes together every weekend to meet, to bond and to share their love for piano. Each week sees not just the return of regular Pianovers but also the joining of new members. Regular members have also been bringing their families and friends, and this is something that we are certainly very happy about!