5mins a day Finger Gym Workshop for Piano Teachers

5mins a day Finger Gym Workshop for Piano Teachers
06 Jan 2020
9:30am - 12:30pm
Yamaha @ Thomson Plaza

Searching for new ideas or methods to teach music? Come & find out more about the new "5 Mins a Day" series that has been flying off the shelves in Singapore, Malaysia and even starting in Europe & other parts of the world. These (Pre-Grade1) books preceded the author's recent hot-selling graded Piano Gym series & will certainly help young students (Age 4-6) to learn in a most fun, wholesome & accelerated manner (whether for group or individual lessons) - to have a brilliant head start with an edge to excel in both music performance & exams. With the availability of the Level B series, this much acclaimed method series has been made complete.

This most advanced method set is based on the Multiple Intelligence Approach co-synced with other best teaching methods(Kodaly, Delcroze, Carl Orff etc.) which includes the systematic usage of games in every lesson as well as numerous online audio tracks & coaching videos that you can access 24/7. Additionally, this series has one of the best teacher support systems(online & offline) in the world. Are you ready to allow this method series’ extensive training & support help your teaching scale new heights?

Tickets available now: http://bit.ly/2O4mmR4