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This Facebook Post Service Fee is often used together with Facebook Boost Budget.

Add to your Shopping Cart the following:

  1. This Facebook Post Service Fee, and
  2. Facebook Boost Budget

We will contact you, and work with you on how to maximise the reach of your campaign beyond our 10,000 followers on our Facebook Page.


Quick Calculation

To market your Event through ThePiano.SG Facebook Page with a budget of $50:

Total = $140 = $90 (Service Fee) + $50 (Your Boost Budget)



  • Reach out to 10,000 passionate piano lovers today!
  • Suitable for Concert Pianists, Artistes, Music Schools, Piano Teachers, Piano Dealers, and Piano Movers.
  • Share your services, products, events, albums, concerts, press releases, music courses, or workshops, on our Facebook Page, with our local piano community.
  • One-Time Service Fee per Facebook Post on ThePiano.SG Facebook Page
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