VHS to Digital Video Conversion


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Unlock Your Priceless Moments Today
Unlock Your Priceless Moments Today

Don't lose priceless memories of your performances, concerts, recitals, overseas trips and other important life events that were recorded on VHS tapes.

Convert these VHS tapes into digital videos and watch them from your PC, Mac, and mobile devices.


Common Concerns


  1. What much does it cost?
    SGD$90 per tape. Transport fees apply if we go to a location of your choice to collect the tapes from you.


  2. Convert Old VHS Tapes to Digital Content
    For the newer generation, VHS (Video Home System) tapes might be unheard of. But to the middle age and elderly, most will be feeling nostalgic about them. After all, we used to watch many of our favourite dramas and movies, and even record overseas trips and parties on these old video cassette tapes. What if you still have such vintage tapes lying around somewhere, and would like to convert them into a more modern video format like the Mpeg-4? Learn more »