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Support and discover the talents in our local piano community, be a proponent for our pianists, and let us take your event up to a whole new level. 


Who is a Pianover
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A Pianover is how we affectionately call a Piano Lover in our piano community.

It is coined in July 2016 when we curated Pianovers Meetup, a platform for ordinary pianists to know like-minded piano enthusiasts, share their knowledge and experiences, build their own performing profiles, and showcase their talents. 


Pianovers on Media


ThePiano.SG has been seen and featured in media, including Straits Times, Challenge Magazine, Television News, MOE School's Annual, Industry Newsletters and Shopping Malls' online magazine.

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Passionate. Dedicated.

Closely followed by 10,000 piano lovers on our Facebook Page, we have conducted 148 Pianovers Meetup to date, showcased a total of 3,355 public performances, comprising 1,940 unique pieces played by 516 Pianovers, and clocking a whopping total performance time of 478,374 seconds.

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We are proud to have our talented Pianovers deliver amazing performances for our valued Clients.