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Pianovers Meetup

Since 31 July 2016, Pianovers Meetup has been providing a free platform that is accessible to everyone who loves the piano. Pianovers Meetup allows all to come together to play, listen, and connect with fellow piano lovers. However, it is more than a platform to perform and connect. It allows pianists to enjoy music and budding pianists to gain confidence. In addition, it allows Pianovers to build a performing profile, listen to live piano music, as well as connect and build a community. Pianovers Meetup is open to people to all walks of life. Regardless of their financial background, everybody has access; all children and their parents will benefit from the best opportunities in piano education.


Recognition Of Social Impact

We have been covered by and seen on The Straits Times, Challenge magazine, industry newslettersTV, Zhonghua Primary School's annual magazine - testaments to the many benefits that Pianovers Meetups provide. More than simply connecting people via a piano community, Pianovers Meetup also strengthen the Singapore spirit, and more importantly, build social cohesion and promote racial harmony. This is achieved through bringing people of different races, languages and religions together and indulging in common music-themed activities in a common space. When you play in a common space before a crowd of like-minded piano enthusiasts, you build confidence in yourself. You develop the culture of music appreciation, builds a culture of performing and spreads the joy of playing the piano.


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We have come a long way since our humble beginnings in July 2016. We have connected thousands of people, and have been thriving on kind supporters and sponsors to fund our Meetups and grow the community. But we want to do more. We want to continue on our mission to spread the love of music to all who are willing to listen, learn and play. To continue on this journey, we will need your support. Join us in our endeavour to promote the love of music. Everyone can make a difference. Support us today. No amount is too small and every dollar will help make a positive impact on our local piano community. Even modest contributions help us improve the quality of our services.


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Whether you make a one-time or monthly contribution, we appreciate your generous support. A one-time contribution goes a long way towards managing our budget. Monthly contributions go further as they allow us to plan in advance, safe in the knowledge that funds are there when needed. A monthly contribution, within your means, will make a huge difference for our local piano community.